Vancouver Celebrates Diwali would like to thank the following sponsors for donating their excellent and sought-after products and services in order to make our VIP Reception on November 10 an exceptional event. Thanks to caterer Fusion Kitchen, decorators Soirée Planners, and wine supplier Rigamarole. We greatly appreciate their support and encourage our audience to check them out.


FUSION KITCHEN is a start up social enterprise that helps immigrant women develop their transferable skill sets, gain work experience, and to build confidence through teaching cooking classes focused on ethnic cuisines. Classes are designed to provide a cultural experience – learning from an individual native to the region, using ethnic ingredients and utensils, and preparing, cooking, and sharing the food as individuals from the specific culture focused on in the class – in an environment much like being in your own mother’s kitchen.


SOIREE PLANNERS: Sophisticated. Opulent. Intricate. Ravishing. Elaborate. Eloquent. These are the words used to describe the events and services provided by the team of Soirée Planners. Since 2006, the founder of Soirée Planners, has been delivering her event expertise to corporations. In 2011, the company opened its doors to couples in the Lower Mainland and further expanded to provide wedding décor in 2012. The company is continuing to grow and adding on to its services with additions of invitations, favours, place cards, holders, jewelry, soirée bags, and so much more! Whether it’s a seminar, meeting, birthday party, customer appreciation party, Christmas party, staff/client appreciation event, fundraiser, or wedding, the experienced planners at Soirée Planners can take your event vision and actualize it with excitement, style and flare… and a smile :)



Why is it always such a RIGAMAROLE to simply find a great drinking wine? The puzzling complexity of terroir, oak ageing, vintages and those ridiculous descriptors is just too much. The solution is simple! Try these award-winning Okanagan blends – a delicious combination of fruit, in perfect balance. Problem solved!

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Vancouver Celebrates Diwali is grateful to our generous sponsors:
Government Sponsors
  • City of Vancouver
  • Citizenship & Immigration Canada
  • BC Arts Council
  • Canadian Heritage
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  • Shaw
  • Shaw Multicultural Channel
  • Global BC
  • 24 Hours Vancouver
  • CKNW
  • RJ1200
  • South Asian Woman Magazine
  • Roundhouse Community Centre
  • South Vancouver Neighborhood House
  • Cineplex